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Pfanstiehl 612

Replacements for Audio Technica, Magnavox, and JVC-Nivico needles.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Audio Technica AT13E, AT14S; JVC 4MD20X; Magnavox 560369-1, 560398

OEM Needle Part Numbers: Audio Technica ATS13, ATS14; JVC 4DT-20X, 4DT-35X, MD20X; Magnavox 560371-1, -2
Replacement Comments:
Note: Some have small brushes, some do not. If there is a brush it is usually bent after storage in package. Moisten with water or anti-stat fluid and retrain it to be straight, or cut it off.

All 612 needles will fit in all cartridges specified.

Part # Source Description Tracking Force Replacement Comment Original Needle
Body Color
Availability Price Add To Cart
612-D7EVG JapanDiamond 0.7 mil tip for 16,33,45 rpm records1 - 3gMagnavox 560371-1, -2 Red, Black  Available$15.00
612-DEEVG JapanDiamond elliptical tip for 16,33,45 rpm records1 - 2gAT ATS13, 201-DEM Orange  Available$16.50
612-DQDiamond Shibata tip for 16,33,45 rpm records - quadraphonic1 - 2gAT ATS14; JVC 4DT-20X, 4DT-35X, 201-DQ Burgundy, White, Ivory  Sorry, not available and no sub available.$0.00  


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