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E-V 5190, RCA 115276, 115277

Replacement for RCA stereo low output ceramic cartridges. Replace with KRCA3 kit in Cartridge Kits section.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: RCA 115276, 115277, 115346, 115703, 204-2

Replacement Comments:
Replaces Astatic 353; Lafayette 24-53082; Pfanstiehl P-166. EV5190 cartridge replacement needle: 647DS73 or any 647 family needle. Astatic 353 replacement needle: 170DS73 or any 170 family needle.

Output: Stereo
Output Voltage: 0.17v
Tracking Force: 3g

Part # Description Replacement Comment Replacement Needle(s) Availability Price Add To Cart
EV5190-DCeramic stereo cartridge with 0.7 mil diamond LP/ 0.7 mil sapphire LP needleReplace with KRCA3 kit in Cartridge Kits section.   Sorry, not available and no sub available.$37.00  


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