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Pfanstiehl 606

Replacements for Pickering needles.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Pickering XV-15 series: XV-15 /100, /140E, /150, /200E, /350, /400,/ 625E, /750E, /1200E, /1800S; DCF series DCF 100 thru DCF 1200, DCF 4510

OEM Needle Part Numbers: Pickering D100, D140, D150, D200, D350, D400, D625, D750, D1200, D1800E, D1800S, 4510, 4527

All 606 needles are products of Pickering; 4606 needles are generic replacements.
All 606 needles will fit in all cartridges specified.

Part # Source Description Tracking Force Replacement Comment Original Needle
Body Color
Availability Price Add To Cart
4606-D7CPfanstiehl SwissDiamond 0.7 mil tip for 16,33,45 rpm records - record changers3 - 5gD100 marked with red dot Black  Available$19.00
4606-DETPfanstiehl SwissDiamond 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical tip for 16,33,45 rpm records - single play auto turntables2 - 4gD200 marked with silver ellipse Black  Available$26.00


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