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Why Buy Here? Our view and those of our customers

Selection …. Customer Service …. Reasonable Price …. Satisfied Customers

Recently, there been an explosion of sites out there selling aftermarket needles, cartridges, and other “maintenance” items. We go far beyond that with availability of thousands of parts for mid to late 20th century products. Parts that shouldn’t still exist, but do! Genuine V-M Factory Service Parts for V-M products sold under many brand names, and for other brands, hard to find 45 adapters, center posts, and idler wheels. If you are a V-M tape recorder fan, you have certainly come to the right place as no one else has what we have!

For over 10 years our customer service has also set us apart. WE ANSWER EMAILS PROMPTLY! Our philosophy is to help customers get their gear going … not just “sell stuff”. We offer as much technical advice and guidance as we can. We restore equipment too so we know how to advise. Of course, everyone makes mistakes and if we do, we address it quickly with your satisfaction in mind. See our Testimonials (below) for more of what customers are saying.

Our prices are reasonable and it’s always tempting to raise them after seeing what some of the competition charges! We resist the temptation and provide honest value for our customers that keeps them coming back. Granted, some needles and magnetic cartridges are expensive (compared to most of our products), reflecting our cost to procure and not a hefty profit margin for us.

So look around and Contact us by email if you don’t see what you are looking for!


We get so many nice follow-up emails from customers – if yours is not here, I apologize! They are all appreciated very much! Here is just a sampling!

This is the most fantastic site of its kind! Gary has truly done a marvelous job on this, and, I truly applaud him. I've been buying new-old stock parts to repair my VM record players from Gary for some time, now. His prices are reasonable, and, I am proud to get my old VM machines running like new, again.
- Bill Cahill, Co-moderator, Antique Radio Forum's Phonograph forum (link to this website on the Links page)

Hoorah it's here and operating wonderful. Thank you so much.
- Bob from Alaska

V-M Audio Enthusiasts provided fast, reliable service in the restoration of my Model 972.
They back their work with courtesy and are very personable...I feel I have a new friend!
- Neil from Pennsylvania

If it not had been for the excellent workmanship of V-M Audio Enthusiasts in restoration, repair, and follow up support, my model 722 and 168 units would have sat collecting dust. Instead they are good to go for another 25 years!
- Chuck from New Jersey

Hey Gary! I just can’t thank you enough for your help with my idler wheel problem earlier this year. I have my record changer up and running beautifully and I couldn’t be happier….. I just wanted to let you know that I received the needles I ordered on Saturday and they work great! Your very satisfied customer
- Greg from New York

You get an A++++++++++ for such flawless workmanship and careful restoration of an iconic piece of American history!
- Jeff from Pennsylvania

Thank you for hanging in there and instructing me how to do the repairs. I'm one happy man who can enjoy the music I did once upon a time.
- Jerry from Ohio

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