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Pfanstiehl 793

Replacements for Chuo Denshi needles. Note! Some reproduction cartridges are not very well made, if needle does not fit, replace cartridge. Order genuine Chuo Denshi Pfanstiehl P188 - Cartridge page

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Chuo Denshi CZ800; Pfanstiehl P188D, P190D, P191D

OEM Needle Part Numbers: Crosley NP-1, NP-6, NP-78; Magnavox 5690300006, 5690300007; Sanyo/Fisher ST05, ST707J
Replacement Comments:
Used by Crosley (reproductions), Emerson, Fisher, Lloyds, Magnavox, Sanyo, Yorx and other brands. Popular today with vintage audio restorers using the P188 cartridge in classic equipment.

All 793 needles will fit in all cartridges specified, if cartridges made to Chuo Denshi specifications, see note above.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Original Needle
Body Color
Availability Price Add To Cart
793-D3Diamond 3 mil tip for 78 rpm records - metal cantilever Red with Green  Available$16.00
793-D7Diamond 0.7 mil tip for 16,33,45 rpm recordsCrosley NP-1 Red, Gray  Available$4.00
793-D7MDiamond 0.7 mil tip for 16,33,45 rpm records - metal cantileverCrosley NP-6 Red, Gray  Available$8.00
793-S3Sapphire 3 mil tip for 78 rpm recordsCrosley NP-78 Red with Green  Available$7.50
793-S7Sapphire 0.7 mil tip for 16,33,45 rpm records Red, Gray  Available$3.00


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