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Sonotone 8T series, E-V 266

Sonotone 8T series ceramic stereo cartridge with half inch mount bracket and flipover needle. May not be genuine Sonotone. New old stock, tested for output.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Sonotone 8T-S, 8T-SD, 8T-4S, 8T-4SD, 8TA-S, 8TA-SD, 8TA4-S, 8TA4-SS77, 8TA4-SD

Replacement Comments:
Replaces Astatic 754; E-V 266; Lafayette 24-79079, 24-79087, 24-79095, 24-81935, 24-81943; Pfanstiehl P-137; Zenith 942-52, 942-84. Came in 3 terminal (common ground) and 4 terminal versions, modifiy tone arm wiring accordingly if needed to accept replacement. Used in numerous brands of record players.

Output: Stereo
Output Voltage: 0.30v
Tracking Force: 3-5g

Part # Description Replacement Comment Replacement Needle(s) Availability Price Add To Cart
8T-SCeramic stereo cartridge with 0.7 mil sapphire LP/ 3.0 mil sapphire 78 needle  804SS73 or 804DS73 Not available, click here for sub.$50.00  


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