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Amplock Cord A

Record changer AC power cord assembly with Amplok connector (power cord only). This is NOT A PHONOGRAPH POWER CORD. See Comments before ordering!

Replacement Comments:
Use with VM changers with base mounted four pin plastic housing. Replaces EV Game stock 7904-06, A1 and fits certain BSR, Elac, Garrard, Maestro, and Tenva changers. This is a power cord assembly only. Some changers may require a separate ground wire (not included) going from the changer to the amplifier to eliminate hum.

Style of cord used may vary with supply.
* Do not order for phonographs, record players with 2 prong interlock style cord, it will not work.*

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
CordA-1AC power cord assembly 6 foot with Amplok connector - Chocolate Brown   Sorry, not available and no sub available.$6.50  
CordA-2AC power cord assembly 6 foot with Amplok connector - Black   Available$6.50


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