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Pfanstiehl P-228, E-V 5209 Varco TN-8U, TN-8T

Modern half inch mount ceramic cartridge with round pins and clips for numerous phonos. NOW HIGHER OUTPUT with new 865 needle makes a better replacement for numerous older 1 volt cartridges.

OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Varco TN-8U, TN-8UD, originals rated at 0.9v output; TN-8T, TN-8TD, originals rated at 0.65v output

Replacement Comments:
Replaces Varco part TN-8U, TN-8UD, TN-8T, TN-8TD, CN-72, CN-72D; V-M part 38619-C,-D, 44423-C,-D,-J,-K; Admiral 78C224-6, 78C239-4,-5, Airline (Wards) part 60-161; Astatic 138,140; Electro-Voice EV 5209 for Voice of Music, Admiral, Airline (Wards), BSR, Coronado, Phonola, Realistic (Radio Shack), Sound Design, Symphonic, Truetone, and many other phonos. Replaces older cartridges such as Sonotone 2T, Astatic 445, and many 1 volt models from Ronnette and Varco.

Output: Stereo
Output Voltage: 0.8v
Tracking Force: 4-8g

*May require longer screws!* Order HP-4 on Cartridge Installation Parts page, Search by Specialty Category, select Hardware and GO.
Four VM17992 combo cartridge clips and one inch wire jumpers with clips included. Can be connected with supplied jumpers to replace mono cartridges.
Available below with your choice of needle tips.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Replacement Needle(s) Availability Price Add To Cart
P228-DS73Ceramic stereo cartridge with 0.7 mil diamond LP / sapphire 78 needleTN-8UD, TN-8TD, CN-72D, V-M 38619-D, 44423-D, 44423-K  865DS73 Available$21.00
P228-DS77Ceramic stereo cartridge with 0.7 mil diamond LP / sapphire LP needleTN-8UD, TN-8TD, CN-72D, V-M 38619-D, 44423-D, 44423-K  865DS77 Available$21.00


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