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VM 45850

3 amp Molex AC power switch for V-M record changers and turntables used in Voice of Music, Symphonic, Motorola, Zenith, and many other brands of phonos.

Replacement Comments:
Replaces V-M part 33945 (clear housing), 45850 (amber housing), and aftermarket 1495-35. Note! If switch says "Stackpole", it cannot be replaced by this switch.

REQUIRES MAIL IN OF OLD PART WITH ORDER. Need all the small parts - 3 metal posts, swivel, spring, fork and stake to build new switches in new plastic housings.
Original switch marked "Molex 1500" (with NO letter following) and clear housing .. OR .. "Molex 1500 D" and amber housing ("D" is in circle)

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
VM458503 amp AC switch, rebuilt - REQUIRES mail in of old part to address on purchase confirmation email   Available$16.00


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