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VM 46261

3 amp "TV 3" AC power switch for V-M record changers and turntables used in some changers after 1970, mostly Zenith branded. * No longer available and no substitute, wire in a separate On/Off switch.*

Replacement Comments:
Replaces V-M part 46261 in certain changers in phonos requiring switch with transient voltage protection. Old part will have Molex 2500 TV 3 molded in plastic and may be clear, white, or olive green. DO NOT GO BY COLOR - Most switches that are clear are replaced by VM45850. ONLY SWITCHES MARKED Molex 2500 ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Part # Description Replacement Comment Availability Price Add To Cart
VM462613 amp "TV3" AC switch - REQUIRES mail in of old part to address on purchase confirmation email   Sorry, not available and no sub available.$16.00  


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