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Cartridge Help!

Not sure of what cartridge you need? If the guidance on this page still leaves you wondering, Contact us by email with as much information as possible so that we can help you determine what you need and avoid the nuisance of returns. If you email, please put us on your “safe list” so that you will get our reply.

Voice of Music Products
If you have a Voice of Music brand phono, there should be a sticker inside the tone arm (as shown at left) with needle and cartridge replacement information. If missing, please email with V-M model number of phono.

If you have a V-M built record changer in another brand phono, the V-M model number of the record changer is usually all we need. Click on Do I have a V-M record changer? to locate where to find the model number.

Other Phonographs and Turntables

For all other needs, Contact us by email with as much information as possible:

    • Phonograph or turntable make and model number (may not be important for upscale ‘70’s and 80’s turntables as many were sold without cartridges and the dealers installed their own).

    • Replacement cartridge or needle information from Owner’s Manual or the paperwork that came with your cartridge. Sometimes replacement information can be found on the machine itself

    • Brand and markings on the cartridge (eg Astatic Mod 146) – and color of cartridge body

    • Markings on the needle (eg T5HD) – and color of needle body

Cartridge Replacement in older Phonos

We will work with you to determine the exact or an effective replacement or otherwise advise. Please note:

    • Some replacement cartridges that we recommend may require soldering on new cartridge clips to attach to the tone arm wires, and shorter or longer screws to mount. Cartridges we indicate as “general purpose” come with cartridge clips.

    • Some older “turnover” style cartridges can be replaced by removing all bracketry and using glue to install new cartridge in headshell. We are not experts on all headshells so you will have to measure first. Cartridge kits facilitate this work, Contact us by email.

    • Some pre-WWII phonos can use one of our 78 rpm ceramic replacements. For those that have high out put crystal cartridges, please see our links page for our friends that rebuild pre-WWII cartridges.

    • In some cases, we will refer you to another supplier for items we don’t have.

Cartridge Product Information

All cartridges are tested for output before shipment. However, the real test of performance is after installation in your equipment! Cartridges not performing up to their inherent capability will be replaced or your money refunded. HOWEVER this does NOT mean that all cartridges in all machines will play all records!!! A 1950’s “hi fi” era phonograph with a monaural cartridge may not play ‘70’s era stereo records without skipping!

Finally – do you really need a new cartridge? If the cartridge is an older ceramic or crystal obsolete type but is still functional, replacing it with a new old stock cartridge of the same type and similar vintage may be expensive and unnecessary. Magnetic cartridges seldom go bad but in the 70’s it was common to replace the cartridge as new cartridges were almost the same price as a needle and improvements in design and performance were always coming. Today, except for some high end cartridges, there isn’t a lot of new development going on in phono cartridges. A new needle is quick and easy to install and may be all that is required.

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