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V-M Audio Enthusiasts offers popular record player magnetic and ceramic cartridges from Pfanstiehl®, EVG® and obsolete brands such as Astatic and Sonotone. Search our offerings below or Contact us for less popular replacements that may still be available.

Look in the Cartridge Kits section for popular sold out cartridge replacements and visit Cartridge Substitution Help! for advice on replacing other sold out cartridges. For RCA 45 players, visit V-M and RCA 45 Player Parts page and scroll down to find the cartridge kits.


Use one of the search methods below and click Go. On the next page, click on part picture for details and price.
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Cartridge Kits

These kits have been developed to replace cartridges that are either no longer available or where new old stock replacements fail quickly after being placed in service. Kits may require soldering, resetting of tone arm tracking force and other modifications and may not be appropriate for the novice.

Search by Specialty Category

If you are not sure what cartridge you need, first click on Cartridge Help! for identification information and then Contact us with details. We are at your service!

Cartridges and kits shown as available are in stock for fast shipment to you. Ceramic cartridges, crystal cartridges, and magnetic cartridges. Use our Specialty Category search to find cartridges used in 45 players, children's phonos, school phonos, jukebox models and others. Search by General Type to see the large selection of record player cartridges in each of four major categories.

We have cartridges for Voice of Music, Admiral, BSR, Garrard, GE, Magnavox, Motorola, Philco Ford, RCA, Zenith and other popular phonos. Contact us if you need an obsolete cartridge not shown on our website - we have thousands of cartridges in stock!

Pfanstiehl is a registered trademark of LKG Industries.     EVG is a registered trademark of Russell Industries.

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