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V-M Tape Recorder transports

Genuine V-M service parts …. V-M factory build records and technical library … Deep expertise and passion for excellence come together here and only here !

At this time, I am not accepting new restoration projects. Can provide service referrals (ship to David Ziolkowski or US by state). The mechanical refurb kits sold on this website include a restoration guide. Please Contact Us for details on these options. .... Read More

Old style “classic” series
Side view Top view

New style “1635” series
Side view Top view

Tape recorder mechanical servicing is becoming a lost art and even some experienced servicers don’t take in the tape recorders because of the amount of time required to do it right and concerns over the ability to get parts.

We will refurbish your V-M tape transport ONLY! It must be removed from the tape recorder. The electronics work can usually be done by a competent vintage electronics servicer and the electronic parts required are mostly generic.

What we do

We don’t “fix” or "repair" – we do a full mechanical restoration so that your Voice of Music or V-M built tape transport from a tape recorder of another brand is likely to be reliable for years to come:

  • Teardown and removal of all the old, sticky lubrication
  • Reassembly (with new parts as required) and careful relubrication
  • Mechanical adjustments per V-M specifications using Factory approved tools
  • Extensive testing of all tape transport functions

We work on V-M produced tape transport mechanisms … and that includes certain vintage Capitol Records, Columbia, GE, Motorola, Philco, RCA, Symphonic, Wards Airline and other brands whose tape transports were made by V-M Corporation. Click on Do I have a V-M tape recorder deck? if you are not sure if your tape recorder has a V-M produced tape transport.

Contact us by email to discuss a quote and how to remove and pack your tape transport for safe shipment. Removal of the tape transport will require about an hour following our directions. Shipping cost is relatively reasonable compared to sending in the whole tape recorder.

See the testimonials on the Why Buy Here? page to hear from actual customers and view some more examples of our craftsmanship in the following photos:
Motor rebuild on a Model 720 Setting PLAY takeup torque to spec

Model 730 tape transport before …. And after restoration

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