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Tape Recorder Wheels and Pressure Rollers

Tape recorder idler / drive wheels and pressure rollers (also called pinch rollers) are available as new old stock or rebuilt with new rubber at the driving surface for most 1950’s through 1970’s branded equipment. Parts not shown can be custom rebuilt and tires will be included in search results where available as follows:

Wheels and Pressure Rollers - Some require mail in of old part before replacement ships!

Use one of the search methods below and click Go. On the next page, click on part picture for details and price. Replacement may look somewhat different than original so compare based on measurements given. If you don't find what you need, we can custom rebuild your old part.

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Tape Recorder Wheels and Pressure Rollers ordering information - please read the following:

1. Find your part as discussed above using one of the search methods.

2. Read the Part Description - most idler wheels and rollers require mail in of the old part. These parts are no longer made, so they must be rebuilt with new rubber at the driving surface.

3. Add to cart by clicking on price next to shopping cart and place the order (international will first require us to add shipping & Handling).

4. Receive purchase confirmation email (check junk folder) and mail in old part in small box or padded envelope. Our address is on the email, and is also on the Contact us page.

5. Once the old part is received, in almost all cases the replacement will be shipped immediately from our rebuilt stock (or good new old stock in some cases). Your old part will be rebuilt with new rubber at the driving surface to help someone else in the future. Exception to the fast shipping may be if listing page says "rebuilt stock is low". This pertains to certain less common wheels and pressure rollers. If so, we will advise on wait time (if any).

Special situations:
If you do not have the old part, and it is required to be mailed in, Contact us before ordering.
If there is no replacement for your part, it can be custom rebuilt (normally 4 weeks timing). Contact us for order information.

We have idler wheels, drive wheels and pressure rollers for popular brands including Voice of Music, Ampex, GE, Motorola, Pentron, Philco, RCA, Roberts, Sony, Tandberg, Telectro, Webcor, Wollensak, and others.

If you are not sure what idler / drive wheel or pressure roller you need, first click on Tape Recorder Wheel and Roller Help! for identification information and then Contact us with details. We are at your service!

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