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Welcome to a “cyberland” where “vintage audio” is spoken and email inquiries are quickly researched and answered!

We specialize in the 1950’s through 1970’s era of popularly priced vintage phonographs, record players, consoles, and tape recorders and in particular, those Voice of Music models produced by the V-M Corporation of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Think “everything for V-M products, but also needles, cartridges, idler wheels, 45 rpm adapters, center posts, belts and other commonly needed parts for everything else”.

Our record player needle and cartridge offerings are up to date, including replacement needles for the latest retro style phonographs. We feature Pfanstiehl® and vintage brands no longer with us.

Whether you are an original owner, serious collector, servicer, or have just acquired your first model at the garage sale down the street, you have come to the right place!

How to find what you need

A. Parts on Self order menus
See our menu selections at left. If for example you need a new needle or stylus, that is the Needles/Styli page. Click on that page and use one of the search methods to find your part.
- Most search results return multiple small pictures of available items. Click on the item of interest to bring up
  the detail screen with more information, price, and shopping cart symbol. Click on the shopping cart to
  start or add to an order.
- Click on the link below the small picture to see a larger picture of the item. The exception is belts where
  only a generic small picture is available.
- Caution, don't rely too much on the pictures. Many parts look alike but are not interchangeable. Some
  parts look different but their specifications are the same and will work in your model. Colors of needle
  bodies don't mean much anymore.
- If you are not sure what part you need, consult the category Help page first. Gather as much information
  as possible and Contact us. Email is preferred so we can research your need.

B. Parts not on our menus
Please provide as much information as possible on the make, model, approximate year built, and item(s) needed.
If the product is made by V-M Corporation, then email with the V-M Model number of the product and a description (or part number) of what you need (knob, turntable mat, idler spring, etc).
- We will reply with availability and order information. It’s a good idea to also order the Service Manual your
  “catalog” of parts and resource for schematics, lubrication, and trouble shooting tips. Click on Sales and
  Service Literature.
- For specific record changer and tape decks produced by V-M Corporation but contained in a non V-M
  branded unit - this is the only place in the world with the build records which detail every part in every V-M
  product – no matter what brand name is on it. No guessing!
- Not sure if your Zenith, Motorola, GE, or other brand product has a V-M manufactured record player or
  tape deck? Click on Do I have a V-M? and find out! Helpful hint: If your changer says “Made in England”
  anywhere on it, it is not a V-M product.

Using email to request help

Check your “junk mail” first and call on the phone if you didn’t hear back in 36 hours (most emails returned within a day, except during holidays).

Please do not email from work unless you are sure your email services’ firewall will let our response through. Including a phone number or address in your email provides a method of contacting you if our reply fails to reach you.


Please click on Ways to Buy for information on how to place an order.

Shipping Status

Login to your account and click on the order of interest. The display will show the Ship date assigned. If that date is now in the past, it means the item has shipped. Please see the Policies page for more information on how shipping, taxes and duties, and returns are handled. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Getting your equipment up and running

Please click on FAQ and Restoration Tips and the three selections under the title Restoration Services for information on service referrals, restorations we do, and “do it yourself” advice.

When contacting us about troubles you are experiencing, we will likely recommend you get the service literature first or seek a servicer. We service ourselves but can't diagnose specific problems without examining the machine!

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