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V-M & RCA 45 Player Parts

We have a selection of parts for the RCA 45 rpm player and the V-M 16 and 45 rpm player used in many brands of phonographs. Contact us with the RCA or V-M part number of the part you are looking for.

Rubber Parts

Commonly needed rubber parts can be ordered as follows – click on the direct link to order it from its category home page:

V-M Model 625 and most RCA 45 rpm changers (wheels for RP193 changer and car 45 rpm changers available on Phono Wheels and Turrets page):

Idler Wheel RCA 74077, VM 17173
Cam RCA 75764, VM 17210
Motor mounts (order 3)
Chassis mounting cones
Large foot presses into 7/16 inch hole
Small foot fits over 1/2 inch peg

V-M Model 630 and 301 with V-M 16 and 45 rpm (Model 1500) changers:

Idler Wheel VM 16929
Motor mounts (order 3)
Chassis mounting cones

Cartridges for the V-M Model 630, 301 and 1500 series changers are available (Contact us for details).

The RCA 45 changers were used as stand alone attachments and in numerous phono models – the less expensive versions had a 3 volt cartridge and the more upscale models employed a 1 volt cartridge.

• For 1 volt models: The following kits are available to replace the original cartridge. Click on the link to see what's included and what's required to use these kits:

Cartridge kit - requires shell from original cartridge, not included with kit. This kit is based on the P188 cartridge with 0.7 mil diamond needle and is the most popular with enthusiasts. See picture of completed installation (upper right). Will play up to 14 stacked records.

Cartridge kit - comes complete, and easiest to install for the novice. This kit is based on the P51 cartridge. Contains a 0.7 mil sapphire needle and is safe for both stereo and mono records. Diamond needle 700-D7 can be ordered separately. Stack and play less than 14 records; number can be increased by reducing height of screw bosses in tone arm.


• For 3 volt models: Contact us for information on what alternatives may be available.

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