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Record Player and Turntable AC and Sound Cords

Did you just buy a turntable or record changer pulled from a console or phono? You will need an AC cord assembly with the right connector to power it! You may also need audio cables with plugs to fit the spacing of the twin RCA phono jacks on vintage stereo models. Maybe you have an older record player where the power cord has exposed wire and you need to replace it. Find your replacement cord below:

Record Player and Turntable AC Cords and Assemblies

Click on one of the links below to bring up order details and color choices:

Six foot non polar 18 gauge power cord with Amplok connector (photo, top left)
Six foot non polar 18 gauge power cord with Molex connector (photo, top left center).
Eight inch long four wire harness with Amplok connector (photo, top right center).
Twelve inch long three wire harness with Molex connector (photo, top right center).
Six foot non polar SPT-1 power cord with bare leads.
Six foot non polar interlock connector power cord for mid-60's record players.

   Don't have a socket to plug into? Add one with our
   Amplok socket kit!!!

Add Amplok socket kit to a record changer or turntable (installation shown at right).



Sound Cords (RCA phono plug to phono plug audio cables)

Click on link to bring up picture and order information. Designed to fit the dual RCA phono jacks on V-M record changers and many others. Stereo cable set.

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