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Phono Belts

Click on a link or use one of the search methods below to access an extensive line of PRB and EVG belts for record changers, turntables and record players. Flat, round and square cut belt styles are available. Idler tires where available - search the Phono Wheels and Turrets page.

Pulley Belts

Some popular 1940’s and 1950’s record changers used a combination pulley and belt drive system. The most popular belts for these can be ordered directly as follows:

Belt (flat) – See listings for replacement info
Belt (flat) – See listings for replacement info

Other Belts

Many 1970's and 1980's turntables are belt driven. Linear tracking turntables may have a belt controlling the tone arm motion. Use one of the search methods below to find your replacement belt(s):

    • Consult the Belt Measurement Help! page and measure your old belt accordingly. Then use the following search method to find your belt by type and size (by IC, Inner Circumference):

Search by Belt Type and Size

 • If you know the aftermarket part number of the belt you need, use the following:

Search by Aftermarket Part Number
(Format example: FRX23.6)

    • If you would like us to check our belt references, please Contact us with as much of the following information as you can provide: Manufacturer’s part number of the belt, and/or turntable/phono model number.

We have turntable belts for popular brands like BIC, BSR, Crosley, Dual, Fisher, Hitachi, JVC, Kenwood, Marantz, Panasonic (and Technics), Philips, Pioneer, Realistic, Sony, Thorens, Yamaha, Zenith and others.

Most record players made before 1980 have automatic record changers that are idler wheel driven, not belt driven. If so, click on Phono Idler Wheels and Turrets.

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