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Other V-M Recorder Parts

This page is for those seeking repair parts other than drive wheels, pressure rollers, and belts for their Voice of Music (V-M) tape recorder. Impossible? No where else in the world will you find a massive stock of V-M Factory Service Parts from V-M Corporation and major distributors. Mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic!

Catalog? The V-M Service Manual for your model is your catalog! Find the V-M part number(s) of the part(s) you are interested in and Contact us by email for availability and price. For all V-M built products, regardless of brand name.

The following pictures capture only a small fraction of the parts available!!!!

AC power cord for 730 – 740 series

Brake bands stop reel discs

Escutcheons and covers

Knobs and buttons

Reel Discs, left and right hand thread screws

Reel Pulleys

Motor mounts

Magnetic tape recorder heads

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