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V-M Speakers

For service manuals which generally include specifications, click on Sales and Service Literature. Frankly, V-M speaker systems don’t usually need much in the way of parts.

  • Speaker plugs – please click on Amplifiers and Tuners for availability of the special two prong plugs required for many older V-M amplified products with a two prong speaker jack.

  • Please see the Amplifier and Speaker FAQs for guidance on damaged speakers and grill cloth.

Most V-M speaker systems that were sold separately have a model number (less than 100) like any other Voice of Music product. Amplified speakers will have a model number between 100 and 200. If you have one of the speakers shown below, you will not find a model number as these were once part of the “Stereo-modular” console Models 580, 581 or 582:

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