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Tape Recorder Wheel and Roller Help!

Not sure of what wheel or pressure roller you need? If the guidance on this page still leaves you wondering, Contact us with as much information as possible so that we can help you determine what you need and avoid the nuisance of returns. If you email, please put us on your “safe list” so that you will get our reply – or Contact us by phone.

Identification Information

Many wheels and rollers look alike but are not interchangeable, so don’t rely only on the pictures for part identification. The information below is in order of highest helpfulness to lowest helpfulness:

  • V-M drive wheels usually have the V-M part number molded or printed on the wheel. Pressure rollers may or may not show the part number. See the listings for the tape recorder models these are used on or order a kit from the V-M Recorder Repair Kits page.

  • The tape transport in your Capitol, Columbia, GE, Philco, Motorola, RCA, Steelman, Symphonic, Wards Airline, or other brand tape recorder may have been made by V-M Corporation, in which case we know what you need. Click on Do I have a V-M tape recorder deck? to find out.

  • The Walsco, Electro-Voice(EV) or General Cement (GC) industry standard replacement part number (eg 1482-03 from a catalog or a package of a previously replaced part)

  • The equipment manufacturer’s replacement part number (eg Webcor 11X1151 from the service manual for a model 2020 tape recorder)

  • The model number of the tape recorder (eg Pentron HT-255)

Wheel and Pressure Roller Product Information

Measurements of the actual part are supporting data but like pictures, are not definitive as there are other features of the part that may be important. Here is some specific information on the measures:

  • ID: The inner diameter of the wheel or roller, which should be fairly close to the dimension of the part in your model, or its not the right part. If the wheel has a shaft, then the ID is actually the outer diameter of the shaft.

  • OD: The outer diameter of the rubber portion of the wheel. If the wheel is a double wheel (with two rubber drives) then the OD is the outer diameter of the largest wheel. The effective replacement wheel can vary some on this dimension from your original. In addition the rubber on your original has probably shrunk over time.

  • Height (where provided): The height is measured from the top of the bearing to the bottom of the bearing. This is not necessarily how “tall” the wheel is if placed on a table and measured.

  • Thickness (where provided): For wheels with a uniform and measurable rubber thickness. Some wheels are similar on every other measure and this is the “tie breaker”.

Custom Rebuild Service

If you email and we can’t determine what you need, we will quote the part as a custom rebuild. Not more expensive, but does take longer if it turns out to be an item that is not in stock. Custom rebuilding assumes the hub of your old wheel or pressure roller is in good shape so that the wheel can be rebuilt.

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